News in 2007

News ReleaseDec. 25, 2007
Fuji Xerox Begins Production of Energy-Saving EA-Eco Toner to be Used in New Mainstay Products from Spring 2008
News ReleaseDec. 13, 2007
Industry First--Fuji Xerox's Color Digital Multifunction Devices/Printers Earn Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize at the Eco Products Awards
News ReleaseDec. 12, 2007
Fuji Xerox Launches Able 1407 λ Series, A2-Size Capable Digital Multifunction Devices [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 4, 2007
Fuji Xerox Launches a 600ppm Continuous Feed Printer for Mission-Critical Operations [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 3, 2007
Production Volume of Machines With Reused Parts Tops 300,000 Units
News ReleaseNov. 27, 2007
Fuji Xerox Launches Premier Model in DocuColor Series--Digital Print System for Professional Use [external site]
News ReleaseNov. 20, 2007
Fuji Xerox Releases 12 Digital Multifunction Devices/Printers for Offices and Printing Market
News ReleaseNov. 19, 2007
Fuji Xerox Develops High Resolution, High Image Quality LED Printhead [external site]
News ReleaseNov. 8, 2007
Fuji Xerox Employs Lead-Free Shafts in All Copy Machines and Printers for the First Time in the Industry
News ReleaseNov. 7, 2007
Fuji Xerox Launches an Energy-Saving Color Laser Printer, Less Than Five-Watt Power Consumption in Power-Saving Mode [external site]
News ReleaseNov. 6, 2007
Proposing a New Work Style: Document Reader to Read Out Paper Documents [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 29, 2007
Fuji Xerox's Environmental Friendly Returnable Container Wins Technology Prize in Logistics Awards [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 25, 2007
Fuji Xerox Introduces World's Fastest Full Color Xerography Printer
News ReleaseOct. 11, 2007
Fuji Xerox Revises Price of Paper for Copy Machines/Printers and Reorganizes Recycled Paper Products [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 9, 2007
Fuji Xerox Wins Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau Director-General's Prize and Encouragement Prize of Award for 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)-Oriented, Sustainable Technology
News ReleaseAug. 27, 2007
FXICC Testing Laboratory Gets Certified as a German Eco-Label Testing Laboratory [external site]
News ReleaseAug. 22, 2007
Fuji Xerox's International Resource Recycling System Recycles 9,000 Tons of Resources in Three Years of Operation [external site]
News ReleaseAug. 21, 2007
DocuPrint 2055 Priced Less Than 70,000 yen [external site]
News ReleaseAug. 9, 2007
Low-Priced and Features High-Speed Scanning [external site]
News ReleaseAug. 1, 2007
Fuji Xerox Sustainability Report 2007 Describes New Challenges of Ethical Sourcing and Traceability System [external site]
News ReleaseJuly 30, 2007
Industry First-- Fuji Xerox Collects Used Products and Cartridges From All Over China Aiming at "Zero Landfill" [external site]
News ReleaseJuly 24, 2007
Fuji Xerox Makes Donation for Earthquake Hazard of Chuetsu-Oki, Niigata [external site]
Fuji Xerox Board Director and Executive Advisor Toshio Arima Appointed to United Nations Global Compact Board Member [external site]
News ReleaseJuly 23, 2007
Fuji Xerox Expands Production of Resource-Recycled Color Digital Multifunction Devices [external site]
News ReleaseJuly 5, 2007
Fuji Xerox Develops Biomass Plastic With More Than 30 Percent of Plant-Derived Constituent by Weight [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 28, 2007
Fuji Xerox Starts e-Supply Business [external site]
Fuji Xerox Announces Top Management Changes [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 12, 2007
Sumisho Computer Systems and Fuji Xerox Conclude Basic Agreement to Collaborate in Next-Generation Patent Information Retrieval System Business Via Product Integration and Unified Brand [external site]
News ReleaseMay. 21, 2007
Fuji Xerox’s DocuWorks Achieves Two Million License Sales for Offices in Japan [external site]
News ReleaseApr. 27, 2007
Management Change Notification [external site]
News ReleaseApr. 25, 2007
Fuji Xerox Announces the Dissolution of Subsidiary Company [external site]
News ReleaseApr. 9, 2007
FXICC Acquires Additional Accreditation as International Product Safety Testing Laboratory From Belgian Government
News ReleaseApr. 2, 2007
Fuji Xerox Announces Top Management Changes [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 26, 2007
Fuji Xerox Taiwan’s Taoyuan Plant Achieves “Zero Waste” [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 22, 2007
Fuji-Xerox and Microsoft Announce Broad Patent Agreement The agreement benefits hardware and software products, including offerings of Windows and Linux. [external site]
News ReleaseFeb. 27, 2007
Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Passes On-Site Review as China Safety Standardization Enterprise of Class 1 [external site]
News ReleaseFeb. 1, 2007
Fuji Xerox’s Color Laser Printer Wins Energy Conservation Prize [external site]
News ReleaseJan. 22, 2007
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuColor 5000 Digital Press [external site]

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