News in 2005

News ReleaseDec. 27, 2005
Fuji Xerox Appoints A New Director [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 22, 2005
The Fuji Xerox Setsutaro Kobayashi Memorial Fund Accepts an Application for the 23rd Foreign Students Research Grant in 2006 [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 21, 2005
Fuji Xerox Color and Monochrome Laser Printers Ranked Top for Seventh Year in Customer Satisfaction in Japan [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 20, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches ArcSuite e-Document Law Compliant [external site]
New Emulsion Aggregation Toner Factory Wing Up and Running [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 19, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches ApeosPort-II Series and DocuCentre-II Series [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 15, 2005
Fuji Xerox Features Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo in TV Commercial [external site]
Fuji Xerox Acquires ISO27001 Certification for Information Security Management [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 8, 2005
Fuji Xerox Copy Machines and Multifunction Devices Ranked Top in Customer Satisfaction in China [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 7, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuColor 7000 Digital Press [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 5, 2005
Fuji Xerox to Launch Partnership With Adobe Systems in Electronic Document Server Solutions [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 1, 2005
Fuji Xerox Printing Systems Launches DocuScan C3200 A / C4250 & DocuPrint C3200 A [external site]
News ReleaseNov. 7, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Eco-Friendly Document Processing Device Trust-Eco 1500 [external site]
News ReleaseOct.27, 2005
Fuji Xerox Releases Sustainability Report 2005 (English Version) [external site]
News ReleaseOct.14, 2005
Masayuki Hirata, Manager of Environmental Product Safety,Receives International Electrotechnical Commission 1906 Award [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 6, 2005
Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing Obtains ISO14001 Certification [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 5, 2005
Fuji Xerox and 33 Domestic Sales Subsidiaries Attain Information Security Management Systems Certification (ISMS) [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 3, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Three New Models in the ApeosPort/DocuCentre Series [external site]
News ReleaseSep.30, 2005
Fuji Xerox Announces Top Management Changes [external site]
News ReleaseSep.29, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches "beat" Branch Service for Secure Network Outsourcing [external site]
Masaaki Inagaki, Managing Director of Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Ltd., Wins 2005 Friendship Award From China's State Administration of Foreign Experts Affair [external site]
News ReleaseSep.20, 2005
Japan's First Search Service Integrating Patent Information with Science and Technology Literature Information [external site]
News ReleaseSep.15, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuWide 3030 Series [external site]
News ReleaseSep.13, 2005
Fuji Xerox Presents Windows Vista® Compatible Software Prototype at PDC 2005 [external site]
News ReleaseAug.29, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuColor 5065 P / 4055 P [external site]
News ReleaseAug.25, 2005
Fuji Xerox Color Copy Machines and Color Multifunction Devices Ranked Top for Third Year in Customer Satisfaction in Japan [external site]
News ReleaseAug.23, 2005
Fuji Xerox Revamps Domestic Sales Structure to Accelerate Services Business [external site]
News ReleaseAug.15, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Remote Collaboration Service "InteractiveWall" [external site]
News ReleaseJul.22, 2005
Fuji Xerox Wins Prize at Second Japan e-Learning Awards [external site]
News ReleaseJul. 6, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Apeos IntegrationPlus 1.1 [external site]
News ReleaseJul. 4, 2005
Fuji Xerox Learning and Development Center Opens in Shanghai [external site]
News ReleaseJun.28, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Six New Color Multifunction Models in the ApeosPort/DocuCentre Series [external site]
News ReleaseJun.24, 2005
Fuji Xerox Appoints New Directors And Corporate Auditors [external site]
Fuji Xerox Announces Top Management Changes [external site]
News ReleaseJun.16, 2005
Implements Key Campaign to Save Energy in Offices at Fuji Xerox and its Domestic Affiliates [external site]
News ReleaseJun.15, 2005
New Radio Wave Anechoic Chamber EMC Test Facility Starts Up [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 9, 2005
Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Granted Certification as Environment Friendly Corporation Organized for the First Time by Chinese Government [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 8, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Enterprise Document Process Outsourcing Service [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 6, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Xerox iGen3® 110 Digital Production Press [external site]
News ReleaseMay 31, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuTech 180 HighLight Color / 155 Highlight Color Cut-Sheet Laser Printers for Mission-Critical Operations [external site]
News ReleaseMay 30, 2005
Services Management Joint Venture Established for the Integration of Mission-Criticaland Document Management Systems [external site]
New Launch of Eco-Balanced Paper "FR"Incorporating Woodchips From Own Plantation in New Zealand [external site]
Top Management Change [external site]
News ReleaseMay 16, 2005
Fuji Xerox Establishes A Leasing Company In China--Offers Customers One More Choice For Quality Services [external site]
News ReleaseApr.14, 2005
Suzuka Fuji Xerox Eliminates All Greenhouse Gases Except CO2 From All Production Processes [external site]
News ReleaseApr. 4, 2005
Fuji Xerox Begins Supplying RoHS Directive-Compliant Products Starting With Digital Multifunction Devices For The Global Market [external site]
News ReleaseMar.10, 2005
Fuji Xerox And Three Partners Start Shipping Woodchips From Own Plantation In New Zealand [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 2, 2005
Fuji Xerox Establishes Executive Print Innovation Center "epicenter" in Shanghai [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 1, 2005
Woodchip Export From New Zealand Plantation Begins [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.28, 2005
Twenty-Four Xerox iGen3 Digital Print Systems Provide Full-Color Customized Statements to Sumitomo Mitsui Cardholders [external site]
News ReleaseFeb. 9, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches Nuvera 120 Light Publisher [external site]
News ReleaseFeb. 3, 2005
Aiming at A Sustainable Society Fuji Xerox of Shanghai Achieves Zero Waste [external site]
News ReleaseFeb. 2, 2005
Fuji Xerox Tie-Ups With Eight New "Apeos Partners" Launches new software kit Apeos IntegrationPlus 1.0 [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.1, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuColor 8000 Digital Press [external site]
News ReleaseJan.17, 2005
Fuji Xerox Wins the Energy Conservation Grand Prize [external site]
News ReleaseJan.12, 2005
Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Achieves "Zero Waste" [external site]
News ReleaseJan.11, 2005
Fuji Xerox Launches ArcSuite 2.0 [external site]
News ReleaseJan. 6, 2005
Fuji Xerox to Launch ApeosPort 750 I / 650 I / 550 I [external site]
Fuji Xerox to Launch DocuCentre 750 I / 650 I / 550 I [external site]

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