News in 2004

News ReleaseDec.21, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches ApeosPort 450 I / 350 I [external site]
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuCentre 450 I / 350 I [external site]
News ReleaseDec.14, 2004
Fuji Xerox Commences Trial for New Paper Recycling System [external site]
News ReleaseDec.13, 2004
Fuji Xerox Printing Systems Launches Four New Color Laser Printers [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 9, 2004
Fuji Xerox Releases Sustainability Report 2004 [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 7, 2004
Manufacturer-Led International Resource Recycling Network Up and Running [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 6, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches Xerox Graphic Arts Premier Partners Program For Asia Pacific [external site]
News ReleaseNov.30, 2004
Fuji Xerox Formulates Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements for Paper Procurement [external site]
News ReleaseNov.29, 2004
Fuji Xerox Imaging Materials to Double Manufacturing Capacity [external site]
Fuji Xerox to Launch ApeosPort C6550 I / C5540 I [external site]
News ReleaseNov.25, 2004
Fuji Xerox to Launch DocuCentre C6550 I / C5540 I [external site]
News ReleaseNov. 9, 2004
Expands Manufacturing in Shanghai to Provide the Global Market with Digital Copy and Multifunction Machines [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 1, 2004
Fuji Xerox Top Management Changes [external site]
News ReleaseSep.30, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuCentre f1100 / f900 / a1100 / a900 [external site]
News ReleaseSep.17, 2004
Fuji Xerox Introduces New Multi-Use Copy Machines with Digital Photo Print Capability to Seven-Eleven Japan Stores [external site]
News ReleaseSep.16, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches Able 1406 Lambda Series [external site]
News ReleaseSep.15, 2004
Fuji Xerox Printing Systems Launches “DocuPrint 405 / 505” [external site]
News ReleaseSep.10, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches New DocuCentre Series [external site]
News ReleaseSep. 9, 2004
Fuji Xerox Copy Machines and Multifunction Machines Receive Highest Rankings in Customer Satisfaction in Three Out of Four Categories [external site]
News ReleaseAug.31, 2004
Fuji Xerox launches 495 J Continuous Feed [external site]
News ReleaseAug.25, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches Document Combo and New DocuCentre Series [external site]
News ReleaseAug.19, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuWide 2051 Series [external site]
News ReleaseAug.10, 2004
Fuji Xerox Establishes Executive Print Innovation Center "epicenter" [external site]
News ReleaseAug. 5, 2004
Fuji Xerox Printing Systems Launches "DocuPrint 340A" [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 24, 2004
Fuji Xerox Appoints New Directors And Corporate Auditors [external site]
Fuji Xerox Announces Top Management Changes [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 9, 2004
Fuji Xerox Korea Wins Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award in National Environmental Management Competition 2004 [external site]
News ReleaseMay 26, 2004
Profit Turnaround in Resource Recycling System [external site]
News ReleaseMay 10, 2004
Fuji Xerox Document Handling Software "DocuWorks" Achieves One Million Sales of Domestic Software [external site]
News ReleaseMay 6, 2004
Achieves One Trillion Yen in Consolidated Net Sales [external site]
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press In Asia-Pacific Markets [external site]
News ReleaseApr.26, 2004
Fuji Xerox Commences XOS Integrated Management Service for Office Equipment at Large Companies [external site]
News ReleaseApr. 1, 2004
Xworks Co., Ltd. Commences Operations [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 31, 2004
Fuji Xerox Shifts From Internal Company Management to Business Group Structure [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 24, 2004
Fuji Xerox Volunteer Organization "HASU Club" to Construct Building at Cambodian Primary School [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 10, 2004
Fuji Xerox and Fuji Photo Film Team Up to Launch "inter-Graphics" Service [external site]
News ReleaseMar. 1, 2004
New Zealand Plantation Project Attains FSC Certification [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.17, 2004
Parts From Recycled Plastics Used in China Manufacturing [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.13, 2004
Fuji Xerox Features AFRA in its New TV Commercial [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.13, 2004
Fuji Xerox Presented With Special Corporate Citizenship Prize at the First Corporate Philanthropy Awards [external site]
News ReleaseJan.30, 2004
Fuji Xerox Printing Systems Launches DocuPrint 187A [external site]
News ReleaseJan.28, 2004
Fuji Xerox Launches New DocuCentre Color Series [external site]
News ReleaseJan.20, 2004
Fuji Xerox's 14 Sites in 12 Asia-Pacific Countries/Regions Acquire ISO 14001 Certification [external site]

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