News in 2003

News ReleaseNov.12, 2003
Fuji Xerox Releases Sustainability Report 2003 [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 3, 2003
Fuji Xerox Printing Systems Launches DocuPrint 205/255/305 [external site]
News ReleaseSep.12, 2003
KDI Studio Wins Nikkei New Office Promotion Award [external site]
News ReleaseAug.22, 2003
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuColor 1256 GA [external site]
News ReleaseJul.24, 2003
Fuji Xerox Printing Systems Launches DocuPrint C2425/C2426 [external site]
News ReleaseJul.23, 2003
Begins Collection of Used Printers From Customer Sites to Realize Zero-Waste [external site]
News ReleaseJul. 3, 2003
Top Management Changes [external site]
New Director and Auditor Appointments [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 19, 2003
Sheet Music Print Service Using Fuji Xerox Multifunction Machines Starts at Seven-Eleven Japan Stores [external site]
NEC and Fuji Xerox Team Up to Provide Streaming Solutions [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 9, 2003
Net Print Services for Mobile Users Begins [external site]
Fuji Xerox Launches Color DocuTech 60 V [external site]
News ReleaseJun. 3, 2003
Fuji Xerox EA Toner Wins Technology Award From the Imaging Society of Japan [external site]
News ReleaseMay 15, 2003
Fuji Xerox of Shanghai Limited Wins Recognition for its Environmental Protection Activities [external site]
News ReleaseApr.18, 2003
Fuji Xerox Wins at Social Contribution Awards 2003 [external site]
News ReleaseApr.17, 2003
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuPrint 1100 CF [external site]
News ReleaseApr. 3, 2003
Fuji Xerox and Seven-Eleven Japan Commences Digital Content Print Service [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.27, 2003
Fuji Xerox's Products Receive Two Awards Related to Resource and Energy Conservation [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.25, 2003
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuCentre 1015S/1015 [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.19, 2003
"Art Space by Fuji Xerox" Opens [external site]
News ReleaseFeb.10, 2003
Fuji Xerox to Spin-Off Office Laser Printer Business [external site]
News ReleaseJan.27, 2003
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuCentre 402 / 352 Universal Design Model Series [external site]
News ReleaseJan.22, 2003
Fuji Xerox Laser Printers Ranked Top for Fourth Year in Customer Satisfaction in Japan [external site]
News ReleaseJan.17, 2003
Fuji Xerox Joins the United Nations Global Compact Initiative [external site]

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