News in 2002

News ReleaseDec.27, 2002
Activities to Rejuvenate Tsukahara Training Facility Forest [external site]
News ReleaseDec.26, 2002
Fujitsu to Transfer Printer Systems Operations to Fuji Xerox [external site]
News ReleaseDec. 3, 2002
Fuji Photo Film and Fuji Xerox to Integrate Logistics-Related Subsidiaries [external site]
News ReleaseNov.26, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches ArcOWL Knowledge Analysis Service [external site]
Fuji Xerox Launches ArcSuite Web-Based Integrated Information Management System [external site]
Fuji Xerox Copy Machines Acquire Taiwan Green Mark Certification [external site]
News ReleaseNov. 3, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuCentre 402 / 352 Series [external site]
News ReleaseOct.30, 2002
Fuji Xerox Environmental Report 2002 Available on the Web [external site]
News ReleaseOct.29, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuPrint CG835 [external site]
News ReleaseOct.28, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuPrint 180 EPS / 155 EPS / 115 EPS [external site]
News ReleaseOct.18, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuWide 5070 Series [external site]
Fuji Xerox Launches MediaDEPO Server Ver. 2.0 [external site]
News ReleaseOct.15, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuPrint C3530 [external site]
News ReleaseOct. 3, 2002
Fuji Xerox to Provide Digital Equipment and Technical Support at the Magnum Photos Digital Exhibition of Photographs [external site]
News ReleaseSep.30, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuCentre Color 240 CP [external site]
News ReleaseSep.17, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuWorks 5.0 [external site]
News ReleaseAug.16, 2002
Fuji Xerox Launches DocuPrint 211/181 [external site]
News ReleaseAug.15, 2002
Fuji Xerox Headquarters Obtains ISO14001 Certification [external site]
News ReleaseAug. 7, 2002
Fujitsu to Transfer Printer Systems Operations to Fuji Xerox [external site]
News ReleaseJul.18, 2002
WorkCentre B900/B900N
-- High Speed A3 Inkjet Printer With 1- Inch Inline Head [external site]
News ReleaseJul.17, 2002
Fuji Xerox First to Mass-Produce10Gbs VCSEL for Next Generation, High-Speed Optical Communications [external site]
News ReleaseJul.16, 2002
All 33 Domestic Sales Subsidiaries Obtain ISO14001 Certification [external site]
News ReleaseMay 22, 2002
Management Change Notification [external site]
News ReleaseMay 15, 2002
DocuPrint 360/260 -- A3 Laser Printer for Office and Distributed Printing [external site]
News ReleaseApr.19, 2002
Fuji Xerox Delivers Parallel Computer System to Japan Science and Technology Corporation [external site]
Fuji Xerox's Recycling System Reaches a New Stage --Expands Supply of Recycled Plastics to Overseas [external site]
News ReleaseMar.25, 2002
Fuji Xerox Introduces Index Document Management System for e-Government [external site]
Fuji Xerox Obtains BS7799 Network Security Accreditation [external site]
News ReleaseFeb. 1, 2002
The DocuWide 6050 Series [external site]
DocuCentre 707/607/507 Series Wins The Energy Conservation Prize [external site]
News ReleaseJan.24, 2002
DocuCentre 1010 VS/ 1010 V [external site]
Fuji Xerox Wins J.D. Power Award in Laser PrintersFor Third Year [external site]
News ReleaseJan.23, 2002
Fuji Xerox and JUSTSYSTEM Team up to Provide Knowledge Solution [external site]
News ReleaseJan.10, 2002
Multimedia Document Services Systems--Fuji Xerox Expands Internet Business [external site]
DocuCentre 707/607/507 --Improved Energy Efficiency from DocuCentre 705/605/505 [external site]
Fuji Xerox to Mass Produce VCSEL [external site]
DocuPrint C830 Receives Eco Mark Certification [external site]

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