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Information from Fuji Xerox on its Products and the Ransomware WannaCry

The following information is from Fuji Xerox regarding its products and any impact by a ransomware called WannaCry (also known as WannaCrypt, Wanna Cryptor, WannaCryptor, Wcry, etc.), as well as suggested workarounds.

Fuji Xerox products will not be infected by WannaCry

WannaCry exploits a Windows vulnerability to infect targets. Once the target is infected, the malware spreads to other computers running on Windows. Fuji Xerox’s MFDs (multifunctional devices), MFPs (multifunctional printers), scanners, printers, and wide-format MFDs do not have Windows installed; therefore, will not be infected by or spread WannaCry.

Countermeasure against WannaCry – disable SMBv1

As the countermeasure against WannaCry, Microsoft recommends installing their security updates, as well as disabling SMBv1 as an additional layer of protection.
Please refer to the following for detailed information from Microsoft:

No impact to Fuji Xerox products that use SMBv2

If you are disabling SMBv1 on a computer that uses server message block (SMB) to communicate with Fuji Xerox’s MFDs, MFPs, scanners, printers, or wide-format MFDs, please be notified that the below list of Fuji Xerox products will not be impacted in any way, as these products use SMBv2:

<Digital Color Multifunction Devices>

<Digital Black & White Multifunction Devices>


<Production Systems>

<Wide Format Plotters/Multifunctions>

Workarounds for those customers with Fuji Xerox products that use SMBv1 only

By disabling SMBv1 on your computer, some of our products will be unable to perform certain scanner functions. These include Scan to PC, automatically transfer documents in a private mailbox to the computer via a job flow, or print using SMB protocols.
Also, if you have set SMB authentication for external authentication, authentication will become impossible.

The products listed above as supporting SMBv2 remain unaffected.
Please refer to the workarounds suggested below.

Workarounds for scanner (scan to PC) using SMB

Workaround for automatically transferring documents in a mailbox to a computer via a job flow

Workaround for printing using SMB

Workaround for an external authentication using SMB

Each product supports a different set of functions. Please refer to the product’s Administrator Guide for further details.

For print servers that have Windows installed as an embedded OS

We will be publishing information about the countermeasures against WannaCry for print servers in early June on the following URL:

GX Print Server Drivers & Downloads

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 - Critical

If you have any inquiries regarding the matter above, please contact your sales representative or our customer support center.