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Releasing Cloud Service for Mobile Devices That Enables Offline Use of Office 365 and G Suite

With Proprietary Encryption Technology,
SkyDesk Secure Mobile View Realizes Secure Use of Email, Schedule and Documents

TOKYO, March 15, 2017 - To help business people work efficiently and flexibly, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. today releases SkyDesk Secure Mobile View, a service that retrieves and encrypts information from cloud groupware, Office 365 or G Suite (Google Apps for Work), and pushes it to its dedicated mobile app.

To realize an easy access to information while guaranteeing security, Fuji Xerox has developed a proprietary technology (Mobile Confidential Viewing), which encrypts information that is stored in the cloud and sends it with push distribution to mobile devices. With this technology, users are not required to enter a password every time they connect to the network to check emails and so on. Using the designated applicationNote 1, they can work offline on email, schedule and Microsoft Office as well as PDF documents, allowing them to go online only when sending out files or downloading new content.

As information is automatically distributed and stored on devices, users can keep working even in out-of-service areas including basement, remote area or transportation up to two hours. After two hours, with the security function kicking in, files will become locked, even in the offline environment. Since all encrypted information sent to the terminal can be opened only on it, this mechanism prevents encrypted information from being viewed by someone else in case it is sent to other devices, thus guaranteeing security.

This Mobile Confidential Viewing technology has been installed in special terminals that Fuji Xerox's customer engineers use for maintenance work.

<Screenshots of mobile application>
Data during a specified periodNote 2 can be viewed on the mobile application.

Functionality for administrators includes limiting operations and checking operational history. For example, an administrator can specify certain domainsNote 3 for sending and receiving emails. Also, as the operational history can be recorded and viewed with global positioning system information, it is possible to identify potential risks concerning certain device, such as information leakage. In case of missing a device, the admin tool remotely can suspend it and lock the application on it. Also, it can erase data on the device by deleting registered account. Thus, the tool not only maintains security but also keeps records for reporting accidents such as losing a device as well as actions taken to address them.

<Screenshots of information available for administrators>

As society faces the need to transform the traditional working style, it is increasingly important to develop an environment where people can work anywhere regardless of which information devices they use. SkyDesk Secure Mobile View service helps people work more flexibly. While improving its own staff's productivity, Fuji Xerox strives to contribute to solving issues its customers face when trying to change their way of working.

List price

Fee typesList price (before tax)
Initial registration fee 50,000 yen (per tenantNote 4)
Monthly fee 800 yen/month/account
Fee for change 10,000 yen for reducing the number of accounts, terminating the service