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Fuji Xerox Launches GPS-Linked Audio Guide Service for Smartphones at 14 World Heritage Sites in Japan

Offering SkyDesk Media Trek, an App for Tourist Information

TOKYO, April 20, 2015 — Starting today in stages, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will provide the audio guide service, SkyDesk Media Trek for smartphones, at 14 World Heritage sites in Japan, including Mount Fuji, Shirakawa-go, and Hiraizumi.

SkyDesk Media Trek

Tourists can use the service free of charge by downloading the dedicated appNote1 on their smartphones and selecting specific tourist information contents called "Book" from a selection of guide contents (Bookstore) in the app. As they walk inside a building or surrounding area of a specific World Heritage site, the relevant contents are played automatically at registered locations.

For example, when tourists approach the main hall of the Motsu-ji Temple in Hiraizumi, they will hearNote2, "This is the main hall of Motsu-ji. This hall enshrines the statue of the healing Buddha, Yakushi, which was created in the Heian Period," from their smartphones. While enjoying the building, the Buddha statue, and the landscape, tourists can learn about the cultural values and historical background of the site. With the cooperation of local tourist associations, Fuji Xerox produced the contents of the audio guide ensuring that they would communicate accurate information in an appealing manner.

Together with the audio guide, Fuji Xerox provides maps Note3 that indicate the locations where the audio guides play so that tourists can refer to them as guidebooks.

SkyDesk Media Trek is a cloud service that delivers audio guide content linked to a global positioning system (GPS) through smartphones. The service offers a cloud-based authoring tool that allows creators to easily produce audio guide content. Anyone can use the content created with this tool by using the app installed in their smartphone.

In the Document Services and Communications field, Fuji Xerox supports not only enterprises but also local governments and communities by providing solutions. Fuji Xerox developed the tourist audio guide contents to contribute to local efforts for cultural promotion and regional revitalization. The company will continue to offer such new communication environment.