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Fuji Xerox Develops an Inconspicuous Code to Embed Additional Information on Printed Documents

TOKYO, October 24, 2013 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. developed MISTCODE (Micro-dot Iterated and Superimposed Tag CODE), an inconspicuous code that can be used to add information to printed documents.

MISTCODE is inconspicuous, just like an electronic watermark, and can embed additional information. Unlike two-dimensional codes that are widely used to embed information, users do not need to change the appearance or layout of existing documents and forms, thereby retaining the original document's print quality.

MISTCODE consists of minute dots positioned according to certain rules. The pattern of the dots is repeated across the document, enabling the information used to identify the document to be retrieved even when some part of the document is missing. For example, related information, such as when and in which meeting the document was used, can be embedded as a MISTCODE in order to prevent unauthorized usage of the document and information leakages. Embedding IDs into pre-printed forms can help in managing the completed forms, or be used for aggregating different types of questionnaires automatically.


  1. Associate an electronic document ID and the code information to identify the document and register the pair in the dedicated database.
  2. Create a MISTCODE by converting the code into an image.
  3. Merge the MISTCODE (the converted image) as the background of the electronic document and print it out. To transform the document with the MISTCODE into electronic format, scan the coded document using a multifunction device.
  4. Analyze the scanned document to extract the embedded MISTCODE and decode it.
  5. Use the document ID linked with the decoded information to search the database to find the electronic source of the printed document.