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Fuji Xerox Launches A1 Size Capable High-Speed Printer

DocuWide 2055 (Model-NP) Raises Efficiency in Proofreading of Two-Page Spread Newspaper Prints

TOKYO, June 10, 2013 — Aiming to enhance productivity in the large-size printing market such as the newspaper industry, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch DocuWide 2055 (Model-NP), a wide format digital printer capable of printing A1 sheets—the size of a standard two-page spread newspaper in Japan—at seven sheets per minute. The sale starts on June 24.

In addition to its high-speed printing, DocuWide 2055 (Model-NP) delivers high print resolution at 600 x 600 dots per inch. It can hold two rolls that differ in sizes or paper types, and can automatically select the sheet to print on by detecting the size and type of the print data. Moreover, the printer is equipped with an auto-loading system that automatically loads or cuts sheets just by setting the edge of the paper to the roller, thereby meets urgent print needs, while also reducing users' workload in changing the roll.

To improve usability, DocuWide 2055 (Model-NP) employs an output mechanism that catches the printouts at either front or back depending on the machine's installation environment, and also adopts a front-operation style that allows users to replace a roll and toners from front of the machine. Furthermore, all basic operation parts such as the power switch and control panel are located at the right side of the machine to prevent printouts from interfering with users' operations.

In the newspaper industry, users are constantly faced with the needs of swiftly and accurately sending out economic and social news that are gathered every minute. Throughout their round-the-clock workflow from designing the layout to publishing, the process of proofreading plays the key role to deliver highly accurate information. As staff at the site must repeatedly proofread as quickly as possible before printing final copies, they need a high-speed printing environment that can boost their productivity.

Fuji Xerox will continuously contribute to increasing customers' business efficiency and productivity with the DocuWide 2055 (Model-NP) and other lineup of multifunction devices/printers, along with various solutions based on the Company's accumulated, proprietary expertise and know-how in documents.

List Price

Product NameList Price (before tax)
DocuWide 2055 (Model-NP) 2,400,000 yen
  • Note Unit price does not include price of related products and consumables.


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