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Fuji Xerox Improves Own Engineers' Work Efficiency With Proprietary Technology in an Aim to Improve Customer Services

Distributes 3,000 Tablets to its Customer Engineers to Utilize the System Established to Safely Handle Information in Mobile Work

TOKYO, March 26, 2013 — Aiming to improve customer services, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has established a new system COMPASS (abbreviation for Communication Passport)Note1 that enable the Company's customer engineers in Japan to obtain information essential for visiting his/her customers to their tablet devices, by utilizing Fuji Xerox's proprietary technology. Full-fledged adoption of this new system begins April 2013.

Using this system, customer engineers who are responsible for maintenance service of office multifunction devices can securely obtain essential information in real time even when they are away from the office. The technology used in the system automatically collects information from the Company's database and sends them in a highly encrypted format to the tablet devices according to the customer engineer's visit schedule. They can receive and share customer- or sales-related information, as well as quickly provide customers with maintenance service report and other useful information on-site through their tablets.

Fuji Xerox will distribute approximately 3,000 tablet devices to its customer engineers. It aims to accelerate its solutions and services business that contribute to solving customer's business management issues by improving the productivity of its own customer engineers through saving approximately 100 hours/year that each customer engineer previously used on supplementary work, and shift those hours to focus on strengthening customer ties.

Features of COMPASS

Real-time sharing of customer requests / commitments throughout the Company

Information that customer engineers gain through their visits, such as requests from customers or commitments made to them, are registered to tablet devices and shared throughout the Company in real time so that the information is correctly shared by sales representatives and system engineers (SEs). The system facilitates the linkage among customer engineers, sales representatives and SEs to offer one-stop solution to customer issues and requests.

Simple and secure information sharing using Fuji Xerox's proprietary technology

Prior to customer visits, required information is collected from the Company's databases and automatically sent to the tablet in highly encrypted format. Customer engineers can check the office multifunction device's maintenance records and operational status on the tablet, as well as to make customer proposals using the tablet screen. Data stored on tablet devices are automatically deleted at day's end.

Digitization of maintenance service reports

Maintenance service reports that were previously handwritten on duplicate papers will be discontinued, as a general rule. The reports that will be submitted to customers will be made using tablet devices in forms that are easier to read and understand, and at the same time registered to Company's in-house system. COMPASS will largely reduce the time and efforts previously required for customer engineers to re-input the information for each customer visit after returning to office.

Recently, there are growing needs for customer engineers, who have direct communication with customers, to offer business solution proposals in addition to conducting machine repairs and maintenances. Therefore, it is increasingly important that the Company's customer engineers provide not only maintenance information but also valuable information to customers in a timely manner. Fuji Xerox will develop human resources who can effectively utilize COMPASS, which realizes both convenience and high-level of security, to offer solutions that meet the needs of customers with speed and flexibility.

The development of COMPASS was conducted by an affiliate, Fuji Xerox Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Overview of COMPASS