Fuji Xerox Launches New Eco-Friendly Monochrome Digital Multifunction Devices for SMB Market

DocuCentre 1058 Series to Contribute to Enhanced Business Efficiency and Energy Saving

TOKYO, January 12, 2012 — On January 13, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch DocuCentre 1058 series (18 pages per minute, A4 long-edge feed) for the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) market--new eco-friendly monochrome digital multifunction devices that will contribute to enhanced business efficiency and energy saving.

Equipped with color scanning and automatic duplex printing functions as standard

DocuCentre 1058 series will contribute to improving the business efficiency: The devices are equipped with a scanning function with a speed of 70 pages per minute (ppm) for monochromeNote1 and 55 ppm for colorNote2. Also, the devices are capable of saving scanned images of paper documents on a PC, server, or USB memory, and sending them as email attachmentsNote3.
Furthermore, all models of DocuCentre 1058 can reduce both papers and power consumption by double-sided printing or copying with a standard automatic duplex printing function.

Contribution to Energy Saving

Incorporating energy-saving technologies, DocuCentre 1058 achieves 1.10 kilowatts per hour (kWh)Note4 for the Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)Note5, a compliance standard with the International ENERGY STAR Program. The devices move into the sleep mode with power consumption of 5.0 kWh or less when the power-saving button is pressed, and after a certain period of time has passed in this mode, they move into the deep sleep mode: the most effective power-saving mode with power consumption of 0.9 kWh or lessNote6, approximately one-fifth of the sleep mode.

Not only for large and medium-sized offices but also for the SMB market, it has become inevitable to use office equipments that contribute to both enhanced business efficiency and the reduction of environmental burdens.

In addition to the basic model equipped with copying and scanning functions (DocuCentre 1058 CS), the series also offer other models with a fax function (DocuCentre 1058 CFS), and with both fax and printer functions (DocuCentre 1058 CPFS). This product portfolio will allow customers with small offices to choose a device that meets their various needs.

Note 1
A4 long-edge feed, 200 dpi
Note 2
A4 long-edge feed, 200/300 dpi
Note 3
To send emails, it is necessary to have an email environment including a mail server.
Note 4
Applicable to DocuCentre 1058 CS. TEC for DocuCentre 1058 CFS is 1.15 kWh and 1.13 kWh for DocuCentre 1058 CPFS.
Note 5
Typical Electricity Consumption: Energy Conservation Center's standard compliant with the International ENERGY STAR Program, representing the amount of electricity consumed in a conceptual week (five days of operation and sleep/off repeated, plus two days of sleep/off).
Note 6
Applicable for DocuCentre 1058 CS. The power consumption for DocuCentre 1058 CFS and DocuCentre 1058 CPFS is 1.2 kWh.

List Prices

Product NamesList Prices (before tax)
DocuCentre 1058 CS 830,000 yen
DocuCentre 1058 CFS 990,000 yen
DocuCentre 1058 CPFS 1,080,000 yen


Japan only

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