Fuji Xerox Launches Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System

Achieves High Productivity of 144 ppm in Monochrome and Employs Eco-Friendly and High-Image-Quality EA Toner

TOKYO, January 8, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has developed the Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System for the high-speed digital printing market that achieves high productivity with a print speed of 144 ppmNote1 in monochrome and high-quality images at an output resolution comparable to 4,800dpi x 600dpi. Sales begin on January 15, 2008.

Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System

The Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System realizes high-speed prnting of 144 ppm in monochrome in both simplex and duplex by enhancing paper-handling process (its predecessor, the Nuvera 120 Digital Production System, was capable of 120 ppm). By adding an optional paper-feeding module and finisher module, users can restock paper and refill toner during printing, and extract the finished print to ensure continuous operation. Meanwhile, a stapler mechanism in the finisher module contributes to labor saving in post-processing. The Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System offers enhanced productivity and speedy on-demand printing, where quicker delivery is required.

The newly incorporated EA (Emulsion Aggregation) tonerNote2 ensures even toner fusion and a thin toner layer because the surface of the toner generated is smooth and the particles are small and uniform. The result is unprecedented image quality and a matte-tone finish that rivals offset printing. As the toner is oil-less, it controls glare and makes it easier to annotate and use self-adhesive notes.

EA toner does not require energy in the pulverization to manufacture powder-based toner, cutting CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process by 35 percent, thereby reducing environmental burden. In addition, the toner can be more efficiently transferred and fused to paper, so the amount of toner used and recovered is also reduced.

Featuring high productivity, high image quality, as well as both low environmental load and economic efficiency, the Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System will help customers expand their business in high-speed digital printing.

Continuous print of A4 identical documents (long-edge feed).
In contrast to conventional powder-based toners, where materials are pulverized finely, EA toner is formed through a chemical process by mixing, coalescing and then heating pigment and latex particles in a solution.

List Price

Product NameList Price (before tax)
Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System 21,915,000 yen
Nuvera EA R8.0 System Media Set 85,000 yen
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